I will develop solutions that work for you.


My solutions are effective and will quickly get your business back under control. With processes under control I develop effective long-term actions for your implementation with coaching and support that will fit the environment, personality and needs of your particular situation.

Tell me about your pain


You can call 248-320-9046 or send me an email

There is no Secret business fix.


Businesses have a tempo and rhythm that are unique. Generic solutions cannot address your industry and customer expectations. Promises of immediate long-term effectiveness are insincere at best. Together, we will identify the TRUE causes of variation and bring them to you confidentially for confirmation and corrective actions. This hands-on method reduces consultant-speak and improves effectiveness.

More than just a consultant


I can help you implement solutions that quickly stop your business pain. Once stable, we discover the root causes of value leakage and process variation and jointly develop effective actions.


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